had no idea the charles krauthammer was paralyzed from the neck down his entire adult life. died today. wish i had something nice to say about him. i guess there were worse conservative commentators is the best i can do.

- dave 6-21-2018 6:47 pm

It would appear that was intentional. Google image him and 90+% of shots are shoulders up,totally talking head. Interesting whether he thought was liability, embarrassment, none of your business...

- mb 6-21-2018 8:26 pm

onion headline:

Charles Krauthammer Has Ashes Spread Over Prosperous, Liberated Iraq

- dave 6-22-2018 7:05 pm

Caitlin Johnstone, showing her usual restraint: "To the very end of his career, Charles Krauthammer was shoving the world as hard as he could toward death. He loved death. Now he has it."

- tom moody 6-23-2018 5:32 pm

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