- dave 6-26-2018 11:09 pm

He couldn't just compliment her on her victory without "negging" her as a "former bartender." Oh, the media.

- tom moody 7-05-2018 7:29 am

i dont think that was intended as a neg, more of a rags to riches story which is why i posted it.
- dave 7-05-2018 11:33 am

Considering the source (BezosPo) I have to be skeptical but thanks for replying.
- tom moody 7-05-2018 1:26 pm

Corey Robin has an interesting thread going about Ocasio-Cortez.

- tom moody 7-05-2018 2:18 pm

i can see how that relates to her but theres not a lot in that thread referring to that particular situation.

i actually had a post in a twitter thread last week that addressed this. early thirties liberal female book reviewer, jewish, said she suddenly could see herself supporting the democratic socialists which i took to mean she voted for hillary over bernie.

most of that, i suspect, is that her gender and not her positions was the most important element in her decision. she just could not get on board with the crotchety old man who didnt inspire her despite that if given a double blind list of their positions, she'd probably have picked sander's platform.

it was their turn and they were resolute. you got that from a lot of #imwithher types. even reasonably smart people, myself included, vote based on how they feel about a candidate rather than a deep understanding of positions and issues. dont expect that to change anytime soon.

so bully for ocasio-cortez if she can be the harbinger of enlightened liberal (call her what you want) candidates that better represent the make-up of the democratic coalition while attempting to pull the party leftward. all things being equal, i look forward to her challenging schumer or cuomo in the not to distant future.

- dave 7-05-2018 7:01 pm

It's not just that they couldn't get on board with Sanders, they actively smeared his supporters, and later, third party voters. Dedicated Clinton supporters, I have found, are rather cult-ish in their demand for conformity. On the Robin thread the participants are discussing whether to let it go now that some of the Clinton-tagalongs ("lesser evil voters") are finding a way to gracefully exit a platform of corporatism and corruption (i.e., because they are inspired by the O-C win).

- tom moody 7-05-2018 8:49 pm

yeah, all too many of the hillary deadenders are moronic and the party is more riven than it really ought to be particularly in light of trump. still see, "but he wasnt even a democrat" every day.

personally, happy to point fingers at third party voters in swing states. not blaming them outright, clearly she couldnt keep the obama coalition together even with a lying buffoon as an opponent, but they were part of the problem. you are welcome to register your protest vote but it is not without consequences. if you think clintonian neoliberalism is a bigger problem than what trump has wrought im not interested in that conversation.

as i said, they didnt see the platform, only a female candidate that they made themselves believe they were deeply invested in.
- dave 7-05-2018 10:09 pm

Yes, I got that "he wasn't even a democrat" -- announced in a spit flying rage. From a person who also thought the US supported the elected govt of Ukraine and had to be reminded the Clintonites supported the opposition. As for neoliberal-business-as-usual vs Trump galvanizing the anti-corporatist left, I'm very interested in that conversation. (It's OK, I'm having it elsewhere.)

- tom moody 7-06-2018 4:54 am

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