that anonymous op-ed the times published today is sumpin'. i, for one, am ready to follow john mccains lead and unite as one country behind an increased military budget and tax cuts for the rich just as soon as i mend my nike socks that i cut up in a pique. also, have a pair of tickets to the new yorker festival. now that bannon has been removed from the pogrom i just dont see the point. who wants to listen to judd apatow drone on about garry shandling for another four hours?

- dave 9-05-2018 5:38 pm

Yeah, I thought the NYer was wimpy. And Iím not comfortable with the anonymous thing; itís sort of the flip side of McCarthy or Robespierre waving around a piece of paper and saying ďIíve got a listÖĒ But Nike is impressive; they can turn anyone into a whore, and then spit in their face by way of thanks.
- alex 9-06-2018 7:58 am

wimpy for inviting or wimpy for backing down? whose face is being spat upon? what does flip side mean? so many questions? has anybody checked the kerning?

- dave 9-06-2018 10:28 am

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