low turnout at the tulsa trump event apparently due to a concerted effort by teens & others organizing via social media to obtain tickets in order to essentially punk trump via large number of no-shows. i thought his million ticket request was bluster but they just got fooled big time. i think last week k-pop fans (not sure if it was at the urging of the bands) overwhelmed a pro-trump hashtag with clips of their favorite bands. it seems this is related. pretty hilarious but can only guess what kind of blowback it will cause if this tactic is gets abused by both sides. not that bots and trolls havent already scuttled useful discourse online.

now watching a k-pop playlist is an act of resistance instead of that, uhh, other thing.


- dave 6-20-2020 9:34 pm

and, again apparently, gen-z is transitioning to zoomers, or it has been. maybe its just hitting critical mass behind my eyeballs.

- dave 6-20-2020 9:48 pm

nosebleeds aka the 400 section



- Skinny 6-21-2020 12:24 am



- Skinny 6-21-2020 12:24 am

Lucy heard about it on tik tok and reserved seats, she's stoked.

- steve 6-21-2020 1:01 am

Thats great Steve/Lucy!!
- Skinny 6-21-2020 8:58 am

haha. kudos. hard to believe they werent tipped off considering how widespread it seems. i guess with the numbers so overwhelming they figured only a small percent actually had to show up for it to be successful. curious what percent of true believers didnt bother to show for fear of large crowds or if that was a honest accounting of the enthusiasm in the age of corona?
- dave 6-21-2020 10:02 am

Go Lucy!
- bill 6-21-2020 1:03 pm

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