- dave 11-04-2020 10:26 am

uhh, they just found 300000 more votes uncounted in az.

- dave 11-04-2020 11:45 am

wisconsin says all votes are counted.

- dave 11-04-2020 11:51 am

In Nevada, Biden has a very slight lead — and all in-person votes have been counted. A count of late-arriving mail ballots and provisional ballots, which tend to be Democratic, is expected tomorrow.

- dave 11-04-2020 12:18 pm

The AZ glitch is troubling. Apparently most uncounted votes are in Maricopa County which is huge - Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale. 

- steve 11-04-2020 3:58 pm

just called michigan. with that biden is 17 away.

az 11 is still likely biden along with

nevada 6.

pa 20 is leaning biden.

ga 16 is tossup.

nc 15 is likely trump.

- dave 11-04-2020 5:08 pm

thank jojo


Donald J. Trump Republican 2,427,449 49.8%
Joseph R. Biden Jr. Democrat 2,387,638 49.0%
Jo Jorgensen Libertarian 59,864 1.2%

- Skinny 11-04-2020 8:51 pm

We also are technically still not out of the woods with perhaps the craziest scenario. Biden could win Georgia and lose Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania. In that case, there would be a 269-269 electoral college tie, and the House would decide the presidency for just the third time in American history.

Pretty sure that wouldn't go over well.

- steve 11-05-2020 7:58 am

my confidence is waning. gonna be so fucking close in all four.

- dave 11-05-2020 10:50 am

550000 ballots in pa left. biden down 112000.

- dave 11-05-2020 2:19 pm

Do you know if those are primarily absentee and mail-ins? 

- steve 11-05-2020 4:10 pm

Nevada's Secretary of State says there are approximately 190,150 ballots left to count, 90% of which are from heavily-Democratic Clark County.
- dave 11-05-2020 5:11 pm

Pennsylvania: Trump currently leads Biden by 108,367 votes here, but that lead has been narrowing as more ballots have been counted. Approximately 340,000 mail-in votes are left to count, and the secretary of state said earlier on CNN that she thought the networks would be able to project a winner here today, but we don’t really have a good sense yet of timing: The outstanding votes have been trickling in slowly.
- dave 11-05-2020 5:12 pm

Around 14,000 Pennsylvania votes were just reported by Erie and Philadelphia counties (roughly split between them), and Biden captured more than 80 percent of those ballots. This updated count brought Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania below 100,000 votes to about 98,000 votes
- dave 11-05-2020 5:13 pm

pa down to 81000
- dave 11-05-2020 5:58 pm

Pennsylvania’s top election official says it may take longer than expected to complete the count there. Her office says about 326,000 mail ballots still need to be counted.

More than 35,000 mail-in ballots in Allegheny County, Pa. (Pittsburgh) will not be reported today, because of state rules and court orders.
- dave 11-05-2020 6:22 pm

Thanks for the updates.
- steve 11-05-2020 6:45 pm

- dave 11-05-2020 6:54 pm

georgia 3635

- dave 11-05-2020 7:06 pm


- dave 11-05-2020 7:18 pm

"There are now about 19,000 votes left to count in Georgia, if I’m doing the math right, and Biden needs to win them by 3,600 votes, or 19 percent, in line with a margin of 60-40 or thereabouts."

- dave 11-05-2020 7:20 pm

az 57000

- dave 11-05-2020 8:00 pm

pa 58000

- dave 11-05-2020 8:27 pm

pa 53000

- dave 11-05-2020 8:37 pm

pa 50000

- dave 11-05-2020 8:52 pm

az 46000

- dave 11-05-2020 9:05 pm

ga 2500

- dave 11-05-2020 9:06 pm

Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania is down to just over 50,000, with at least 250,000 mail ballots left to count in the state.

- dave 11-05-2020 9:10 pm

Maricopa County will post its next report Friday at 11 a.m. ET. Officials there say they have 204,000 more early ballots to process, and a smaller number of provisional and other ballots.

- dave 11-05-2020 9:29 pm

ga 1902

- dave 11-05-2020 9:38 pm

pa 42200

- dave 11-05-2020 9:42 pm

haha. of course alabama elected a former football coach as senator. im sure it was hard for alabama fans to vote for an auburn coach but the only thing worse than a tiger is a democrat.

- dave 11-05-2020 9:54 pm

42,000 — with at least 208,000 ballots left to count statewide.

- dave 11-05-2020 10:04 pm

With Biden down 1,902 votes (in ga) and about 16,000 left to count, Biden needs to win only 56 percent of what remains in order to take the lead statewide.

- dave 11-05-2020 10:28 pm

pa 27000

- dave 11-05-2020 10:56 pm

ga 1775

- dave 11-05-2020 10:58 pm

So GA must be nearly ready to announce?
- steve 11-05-2020 11:06 pm

i dont know. no idea about the provisional ballots and theres about 1500 mail in ballots with signing issues that have til tomorrow to be claimed and verified. then seems likely there will be a recount but i guess they would call it prior to that.

not watching on tv because i cant stand them but sure they must bring up the contingencies while they are filling airtime between ads. best rating ever, apparently.
- dave 11-05-2020 11:45 pm

pa 24500
- dave 11-05-2020 11:47 pm

pa 22500 There are roughly 175,000 absentee ballots still to count in Pennsylvania, including more than 58,000 in Philadelphia. Major counties like Philadelphia will keep counting through the night.
- dave 11-06-2020 12:20 am

Biden now ahead in GA.

- steve 11-06-2020 6:34 am

beat me to it. Joe Biden now leads by 1,096 votes in Georgia.
- dave 11-06-2020 6:43 am

pa 5000+

Biden has pulled ahead in Pennsylvania, erasing a large Trump lead from Election Day. The remaining ballots to be counted are coming from heavily Democratic areas in the state. 

- dave 11-06-2020 9:05 am

- dave 11-06-2020 9:13 am

nv 22000

nevada just woke up and added 10000 to bidens total.

Nevada’s Clark County, home to Las Vegas, just delivered big for Biden — he picked up nearly 20,000 votes, more than double what Trump received in this drop, and moved closer to clinching the state.

- dave 11-06-2020 11:48 am

Mark Kelly is projected to win Senate seat in Az.
- steve 11-06-2020 12:26 pm

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