game stoppage

- dave 1-28-2021 12:10 am

Liked your link (Matt Stoller had it too, and I really trust him on stuff like this; less so for his China hawkery). Here's another from Chris Arnade (who I also trust and follow) that is less technical but maybe a more global, pop-cultural, look at why this all might matter. In any case, super interesting story.

- jim 1-29-2021 4:04 pm

yeah, the more i read its like little big horn. ultimately the indians will get crushed but they took a few scalps along the way. i read stoller. does seem to get a bit high on his own supply. very wedded to his anti-monopolistic views which is all well and good but hard to know if his prescriptions will cure what ails us or if they are at all within the realm of possible. not that i understand what they are debating half the time but i find the constant antagonism between him and matt bruenig amusing. never heard of the other dude. clearly he likes a narrative.

- dave 1-29-2021 6:42 pm

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