remember that time we went to afghanistan?

- dave 8-30-2021 4:47 pm

- bill 8-30-2021 6:30 pm

At least the architects of this entire fuck up will all be fired and live out their remaining days in shame.

Well, either that or get 7 figure board seats at the defense [sic] contractors they kept in the money all these years while also being paid to propagandize mockingbird-style for even more liberal [sic] interventions on CNN and MSNBC while not disclosing those already mentioned lucrative board seats.

I mean, those 8 million dollar houses on the Vineyard aren't going to buy themselves!

- jim 8-30-2021 7:11 pm

- alex 8-30-2021 7:21 pm

If I had it all, I'd give it to you. (Great title for a Rock (not Rock 'n' Roll) song.) Man, this thread is fraying.

- alex 8-30-2021 8:08 pm

jim is just cribbing from bess kalb, yes, that bess kalb. i think in this case sally rooney is the taliban? i dont really know how words work.

- dave 8-30-2021 8:37 pm

was this the key to exit the escape room? what, no exit?

- dave 8-30-2021 8:48 pm

Just don't tell me that Exile is only rock 'n' roll; it's a double album, which is a totally Rock thing.

- alex 8-31-2021 8:25 am

Thats to accommodate drum solos of which there are none.
- bill 8-31-2021 10:52 am

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