- dave 9-17-2021 11:17 pm

Wow, looks like fun. Whose death were they celebrating?

- jim 9-18-2021 11:52 am

haha. prepping for your substack?

- dave 9-18-2021 1:41 pm

What's a substack? I asked erin, she doesn't know either.

- steve 9-21-2021 9:51 pm

Nevermind, I googled it. 

Good one!

Substack is an American online platform that provides publishing, payment, analytics, and design infrastructure to support subscription newsletters. It allows writers to send digital newsletters directly to subscribers. Founded in 2017, Substack is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

- steve 9-21-2021 9:53 pm

its where some of the media iconoclasts have ventured to skirt around the problems theyve had with conventional media and give their unmediated opinions while building a pay per month audience that for a small segment is quite lucrative. not all iconoclasts, some just realized you can build a small dedicated audience and live reasonably well outside the shrinking newspaper/magazine realm. plus substack offered a number of people a nice fat bonus to use their service.

glenn greenwald once quite revered on the left is currently there buck raking while much of the left wonders what happened to him.

so, ya know, what i saw as an embarrassing display, jim turned it into something more sinister, even it was just darkly humorous, that shit would sell to the true believers hopefully for at least $60 per person per year. you only need a few... thousand and youre on your way past solvency to the liquidity of your choosing.
- dave 9-22-2021 1:44 am

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