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- dave 9-08-2021 11:32 pm [link] [5 comments]

remember that time we went to afghanistan?

- dave 8-30-2021 4:47 pm [link] [8 comments]

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- bill 7-30-2021 4:07 pm [link] [2 comments]

After Davids 

- bill 5-10-2021 11:34 am [link] [add a comment]

rip, fritz mondale.

biggest news story in minnesota this week!

- dave 4-20-2021 5:17 pm [link] [3 comments]

hard to get more reprehensible

Last week, the beginning of an explosive corruption trial involving eight members of Baltimore's elite Gun Trace Task Force revealed that a handful of Baltimore cops allegedly kept fake guns in their patrol cars to plant on innocent people—a failsafe they could use if they happened to shoot an unarmed suspect, the Baltimore Sun reports.

- dave 4-18-2021 11:58 pm [link] [add a comment]

- bill 4-16-2021 4:16 pm [link] [3 comments]

think i noted to myself if not outloud the uptick in stories about anti-asian violence in the last month or so. there were a couple of attacks locally. honestly thought it was overblown, not that it wasnt happening, just there was suddenly a lot of focus on it and you had to wonder if the facts on the ground jibed with the raised profile or if it was anecdotal. still dont know. stats bandied about seem to suggest absolutely an increase in harassment. not sure about incidence of violence but seems likely.

anyway. just saw this. will assume it is valid. the cop in charge of the locality in georgia where the crimes were committed was roundly mocked for suggesting the shooter was having a bad day before going on a murder spree in a bunch of asian massage parlors. meanwhile the internet dug up a group of photos on the cops facebook page which might suggest he may have a not so unconscious bias.

- dave 3-17-2021 5:35 pm [link] [add a comment]

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