Sounds kind of interesting:
Yo La Tengo, the Hoboken indie-rock band with a flair for crisp, three-minute pop songs as well as broad feedback experiments, perform live scores to "How Some Jellyfishes Are Born," "Shrimp Stories," "The Love Life of the Octopus," and other short films by Jean Painlevé. (Alice Tully Hall. 875-5050. April 6)
Do you film buffs know Painleve?

Review by a Yo La Tengo fan.
- alex 4-03-2002 9:08 pm

I saw a number of his films at The Museum of Natural History in the fall of 2000. Sea Horses, Love Life of the Octopus etc. And one where he threw a vampire bat and guinea pig together into a glass tank (shuddering) Hey, thems "nature documentaries" for ya.
- steve 4-05-2002 2:14 pm [add a comment]

Cristinerose has an exhibition of Painlevé photos and films (on video) up in the viewing room through Jan 18. (529 W. 20th). I saw "Love Life of the Octopus" (w/ electronic score by Pierre Henry) and an older short about life in a tide pool last night. Didn't see the bat/guinea pig spectacle though. (I'm kind of glad.)
- tom moody 1-13-2003 1:55 am [add a comment]

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