dogtown and z boys

- bill 6-14-2002 7:05 pm

any addl' info is appreciated. steve mentioned the official site

- bill 6-14-2002 7:13 pm [add a comment]

According to this interesting article (linked to on the site), it's skater-turned-businessman Nathan Pratt who's holding out for compensation for his interview. He wants a piece of the Vans shoes action, for himself, but also for Jay Adams and a few other Z-boys. According the article, Ozzy Osbourne and his coterie walked out of the screening because of the movie's treatment of Adams. Hey, Oz, he's still the coolest skater in the film! The piece also explains why the word "fuck" was bleeped out of the interviews: it was a decision by Sony Classics, to get a PG rating and pack more kids into the theaters.
- tom moody 6-15-2002 11:08 am [add a comment]

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