saw The Good Girl last night. cant say that i would recommend it outright but i thought it was well acted. it was written by the guy that wrote Chuck and Buck and possesses a similarly droll and dire perspective. and while i enjoyed the farcical elements, the story itself seemed a little unoriginal and despite the fine acting you never really cared about the fate of the characters. but then i wasnt concerned with much by the end of the night as the champagne hangover began to wreak havoc on my brain. in general i would say i would have been better off with total sobriety or further inebriation, and maybe thats true of the movie as well. heres a salon review that seems about right.
- dave 8-15-2002 8:32 pm

i'd not normally see a movie with j anniston, but since jake gyllenhaal is also in it, it becomes a must see (though i may still wait for video). if any of you are unfamiliar with this young jake, please see donnie darko. pay no mind to the video box, just rent it and watch it, you'll like it. also he was in lovely and amazing, which was neither, but still enjoyable.
- linda (guest) 8-16-2002 9:52 pm [add a comment]

  • doh! my links didn't work. here is link for donnie darko:
    - lb (guest) 8-16-2002 9:54 pm [add a comment] [edit]

      - anonymous (guest) 8-16-2002 9:54 pm [add a comment] [edit]

    • I saw DD on the big screen and liked it a lot. It seems to have inspired a Jake G boomlet: besides L&A and the Anniston movie, he's in an upcoming weepie with Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon (I forget the name). Judging from the preview, that one might be one to miss. I'll also say this here, apropos of nothing: I saw Signs and liked it a lot. The critical conventional wisdom is it's "better than Unbreakable but not as good as Sixth Sense": I'd say they're all good, and Shyamalan really has a vision. Joaquin Phoenix is a big reason to see Signs: he plays an interesting "normal guy." Also, Road to Perdition is OK, although I can't buy Tom Hanks as a hardened killer and the ending insults the audience's intelligence. I made it to Film Forum to see Kurosawa's High and Low--fantastic in widescreen. I hate the Film Forum, though--uncomfortable seats, awkward viewing angle, and an audience full of uptight single white guys. High and Low is a really macho movie, but it's also brilliant on every level--how come women don't want to see it?
      - tom moody 8-16-2002 10:47 pm [add a comment]

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