journeys with george (so where's foreigner and styxx?)

- bill 3-10-2003 11:04 pm

This is so perfect---it's kind of emblemmatic of the way George co-opted democratic resistence on so many other issues.

george gets positive press through enabling the documentation of his campaign trails and interactions with the daughter of the leader of the house democrats, nancy pelosi.

I know, I know --- it's not personal! he's "such a nice
man. . ." What message is this? It's that he's really not a partisan guy--oh, he's an old-school, gentleman politician---as well as an old-school republican party discipline-enforcer, an abrogrator of the constitution and bill of rights, AS WELL AS a SEVERE right-wing ideologue, among other things. . .

But he WILL hold your hand while you cry because the other reporters were so mean to you.

Would that he would do the same for the hundreds of thousands of unemployed, slipping fast through the cracks with no net, the thousands to come, both Iraqi and non-Iraqi, who will lose their children to maiming and death in the "shock and awe" about to be delivered in what was once the cradle of civilization.

- bunny (guest) 3-10-2003 11:52 pm [add a comment]

hey bunny, do you have a weblog? if not, im sure our resident webmaster jim would help set one up. and feel free to initiate some threads on cinefiles as obviously you are passionate about film.
- dave 3-11-2003 12:09 am [add a comment]

  • Who are you, and what have you done with the real Dave? His job is to frighten away newcomers with biting sarcasm, not invite them over for tea...

    But yeah, bunny needs a weblog.
    - jim 3-11-2003 12:14 am [add a comment]

    • bunny needs a weblog
      - jimlouis 3-11-2003 3:37 pm [add a comment]

  • i just bite my friends. or maybe im under the influence of earl grey. those brits understand the fine art of stroke and poke.
    - dave 3-11-2003 12:26 am [add a comment]

  • Good weblog name: url grey.
    - jim 3-11-2003 12:32 am [add a comment]

    • Chocolate Url Grey Cake Recipe:
      - bunny (guest) 3-12-2003 12:12 am [add a comment] [edit]

I don't know if I could assume the responsibility of a weblog, though i often fantasize about it. . ."House of Boudu,(tm),"
"Torn-Curtain Irish," "Speaking of Slacks," or "Ribbons and Geiger Counters". . .I could go on. . .

I do get a little uncomfortable with my rantings and self-indulgences here, where you have been so kind as to offer a forum. I really appreciate the offer and I will definitely think about it, and possibly "go for it."

After all, as the Great Ones put it, so cogently: "Duuussst in the wiiinnnnd---Ahhhlll we are is Duuussst in the wiiinnnnd. . ."
- bunny (guest) 3-11-2003 4:15 am [add a comment]

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