Last night on DVD I watched the 1945 Best Picture--The Lost Weekend, with Ray Milland (drunk writer who doesn't write) and Jane Wyman (adoring, helpful, and apparently un-dismay-able) girlfriend.

Most of the action centers around this guy trying to get soused, looking for hidden bottles, and avoiding his loved ones. The music behind this action is that horrible forties high-pitched horror music, which really grates on the nerves after awhile, but is proabably accurate to feelings leading up to delerium tremens.

The opening scene pans the NY skyline from left to right and the closing scene the same view from right to left. The left most building I recognize as the Chrysler building, and maybe there is the Empire State in there as well but I don't really recognize it as that. Anyway, great skyline shots depicting a scene that obviously has changed in the last fifty years, I can't imagine for the better, architecturally speaking.
- jimlouis 12-08-2003 3:08 pm

aaaahhh, bats! i loved the look of that bar.
- dave 12-08-2003 3:20 pm [add a comment]

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