orwell rolls in his grave
- linda 7-26-2004 7:12 pm

Struck me as a funny media moment one day last week when all of the broadcast TV networks went with a story about this JibJab presidential campaign animation. Apparently the spot had become so incredibly popular it warranted coverage, if not scrutiny. I guess it does fill the mainstream quota for periodic stories about that “internet phenomenon,” but with all the stuff out there it’s telling that this rather bland, and not particularly funny, repetition of clichés (essentially an ad for the producers) is the networks’ idea of news. The main thing they seem to approve of is the “fair and balanced” approach, with equal time given to skewering each candidate, you know: just like the network news does it! This is the sort of reporting that will save us from agenda-driven pseudo-journalists like Michael Moore.

Of course, if I were a Bushite, I’d object to the whole thing being set to This Land is Your Land, but I guess not that many folks remember that the song began life as leftist riposte to God Bless America. Speaking of grave-rolling, I’m just glad that the Woody Guthrie Foundation has learned to “stay out of the political fray.”

- alex 7-26-2004 11:49 pm [add a comment]

Unfortunately it was a hit at my workplace. It strives for a "can't we all get along" wackiness but subtly favors Bush, by giving "equal" weight to the meager RNC spin points about Kerry--he's rich (so is Bush), he waffles (Bush does too) and the implication that didn't really earn his medals when Bush is a proven deserter. Americans like crazy warmongers and idiots, so Bush comes off as "charming."
- tom moody 7-27-2004 12:08 am [add a comment]

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