during a promo on tcm, someone related the story of steve mcqueen spending hours getting in and out of cars in order to figure out what would look "the coolest." gotta appreciate that kind of commitment to craft.
- dave 5-26-2005 4:10 am

"One such emotional design tweak involved tuning the exhaust system to match the growling and groaning of Steve McQueen’s ’68 Mustang in a famous car chase scene from the movie Bullitt. Hau Thai-Tang’s team accomplished this design asthetic by digitizing the soundtrack to Bullitt and essentially tuning the '05 Mustang’s exhaust system (much like one would tune an organ) to match McQueen's menacing-sounding '68 Mustang."
- dave 6-17-2005 5:42 pm [add a comment]

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