brit com : too many crooks (1959)
What are your favorite British comic films? I like most of the usual Ealing suspects: Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Lavender Hill Mob, and Man in the White Suit. I've never warmed to The Ladykillers, and Whiskey Galore made me laugh only once. As for non-Ealing comedies, Heavens Above with Peter Sellers really struck me as well done. I'm All Right, Jack was also good. Smallest Show on Earth was quite charming, and Belles of St. Trinian's took me by surprise and made me laugh.

- bill 12-31-2007 4:56 am

i liked kind hears and coronets but ive never made it through lavender hill or ladykillers. just never quite in the right mood for them and i was underwhelmed by im all right, jack which was a tracy ullman selection on tcm in october and which this primer considers possibly the best of the best. no mention of horses mouth which i thought was good. and most of the seller movies in the sixties have their moments despite often devolving into puerile silliness.

this is as good a place as any to note 100 films and a funeral on sundance tomorrow night
- dave 12-31-2007 7:17 am [add a comment]

  • actually it only said im alright, jack might be the best of the sellers comedies.
    - dave 12-31-2007 7:38 am [add a comment]

and now for something completely billy liar quite a bit. and bedazzled with dudley mooore, maybe. the ruling class with peter o'toole.
- dave 12-31-2007 7:51 am [add a comment]

Bedazzled is one of my faves. Moore and Cook's pop star segment is priceless.
- steve 12-31-2007 10:31 pm [add a comment]

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