oscars tonight. place your bets.

near mortal locks:
best picture - no country for old men
best actor - daniel day lewis
best supporting actor - javier bardem

up for grabs:
best actress - julie christie
best supporting - ruby dee
best director - coens though i wish it were someone else. that movie wasnt that good. maybe theyll get rejected for that crap ending.
original screenplay - tamara jenkins would seem like the favorite but i bet diablo cody gets it as a consolation prize for juno.

what say you?
- dave 2-24-2008 6:10 pm

I'm going with Lewis/Bardem, Christie/Blanchet actors and supporters, Anderson or Schnabel director, I would like to see Juno get that screenplay because it was fresh. And I have no strong feelings about best movie but will go with there will be blood. And Ratatouille for animated. And there will be blood for adapted screenplay. And Transformers for sound mixing.
- jimlouis 2-24-2008 6:54 pm [add a comment]

marion cotillard, whod'a thunk it? she looks pretty good in those clips and any excuse to see more of her is fine by me. i actually saw her recently in a crap romantic comedy starring russell crowe which was directed by ridley scott. dont know what they were thinking on that one.
- dave 2-25-2008 7:02 am [add a comment]

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