watched The Philadelphia Story which for me was the equivalent of a gateway drug in terms of my interest in classic film. and after numerous viewings it still retains its intoxicating allure. in rock the question is often posed "do you prefer the stone or the beatles?" similarly one might ask the same of jimmy stewart or cary grant. ive always leaned towards the image of cosmopolitan sheen of grant versus the stuttering boyish cornfed all-american stewart. but its hard not to be charmed by stewarts oscar winning performance even if his character loses out in the end (a little to readily to my taste) to the more inwardly cynical grant. meanwhile hepburn is at her best here in a part she brought with her from broadway to save her flagging film career. watching grace kelly attempt to fill hepburns shoes in the musical adaptation, High Society, fifteen years later makes clear the excellence she brought to the role, to say nothing of the pallid performances of bing crosby and frank sinatra as the stand-ins for grant and stewart.

- dave 2-29-2008 6:43 pm

grant is my all time fave male film star. but then theres peck too.

cukor vs sturges

- bill 2-29-2008 6:54 pm [add a comment]

Sturges. How could you even ask?
- L.M. 2-29-2008 8:18 pm [add a comment]

sturges gets alot of love because he wrote and directed his classic films. who other than orson welles in the studio dominated era managed that? but sturges brilliance was much briefer than cukors sustained excellence.
- dave 2-29-2008 9:10 pm [add a comment]

peck always seemed impossibly stiff in his bearing and forthright in his demeanor but his basic decency was always appealing. hes perfect in mockingbird.
- dave 2-29-2008 9:20 pm [add a comment]

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