'Blow,' 'Pokemon' Open
Johnny Depp plays a cocaine kingpin. And 100 new Pokemon make their big-screen debut.
--from Netscape News
- Tom Moody 4-08-2001 5:03 am

I like Johnny Depp, although not so much that I chose to see Chocolat, but I did see Blow yesterday, liked it, better written, I think, than the movie I saw minutes before, Enemy at the Gates. The war movie however has some above average framing, and some flat out spectacular scences, for example when our favorite sniper first shows his talent as an adult. To finish out this weekend of work avoidance, f-it, f-it, f-it, I ain't doing it, I went down to Canal Place and saw Pollock, nice, and the hesitation of the old women, one smoker reeking, to enter the elevator with me is to me perfectly understandable.
- jimlouis 4-08-2001 11:25 pm [add a comment]

  • Enemy took a drubbing from the critics but I thought it was good. The main beef was that it trivialized war-torn Stalingrad, using it as background for a love story and a "mere" sniper battle, but the city seemed plenty hellish to me. The scene where Ron Perlman describes having his teeth knocked out with a hammer by his own superiors, for example, economically conveyed how deeply fucked most of the characters were. It's definitely an old fashioned movie with post-Private Ryan horror footage, but it gave me a sense of what went on in the battle, more than I had, and all the cat-and-mouse maneuvers between Ed Harris and Jude Law were convincing.
    - Tom Moody 4-09-2001 2:44 am [add a comment]

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