The new issue of Cinefex (#85) is out. The feature article is on the making of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Oddysey. Author (and Cinefex senior editor) Don Shay began the article 24 years ago by interviewing many of the film's technicians (some of whom are no longer living) but until now could never seem to get around to finishing it.
Loads of rare color stills and some even rarer production shots make this one of the most beautiful publications I have ever seen on the subject.
As the title implies, Cinefex is dedicated to the subject of special effects. These days of course it mostly focuses on digital effects. It's nice to see 42 pages of text and photo's devoted to the purely analogue mechanics of one of the greatest technical achievments in human history.
$9.50, find it at Barnes and Noble or any comic book shop.
- steve 4-24-2001 1:18 am

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