Not too sure what to make of this, but BMW is now in the film business. Or at least on the edge of it that rubs up against the advertising business. John Frankenheimer leads off an impressive list of directors (also: Ang Lee, Wong Kar-Wai, Guy Ritchie, and Alejandro González Iñárritu) all producing 5 minute shorts to be shown on the BMWfilms site. The Frankenheimer is already there (in Quicktime, Real, and Windows Media formats.) And you guessed it, each piece features a BMW automobile. Is this the future of free content? High end commercials? And if it is - and keeping in mind the relative quality of television shows compared to television commercials - is this a bad thing?
- jim 4-29-2001 4:30 pm

Google goes on and on, on the subject. The thousands (yes thousands) of PP ad-agencies are well represented there. Others sites include papers by film students giving their thumbs up. The industry itself seems to say "It's a necessary evil based on the cost of making movies these days." BULL SHIT!!! It cheepens the product, end of story. At first glance it looks like naturalism, but IRL the label does not always face the camera. Hey, what camera.

This notes for you Bud.

The Bible


Is it really so bad ?

The film "You've Got Mail" propped AOL in the title. I have no trouble with bands getting a break by being selected for television comercial sound tracks though. Recording artists have already been fucked over by the record labels so I say Cheers to you. I'm not too high on film soundtrack comps though with those special cover versions. Excuse me, I have mail.

- bill 4-29-2001 7:22 pm [add a comment]

Finally watched all those bmw films. With the new DSL I just click for the stream, wait about 5 seconds and it starts playing. All but one played all the way through (5-6 minutes) without a glitch. One had a few stutters, but there were other people on the network, so that may have been the reason. Anyway, pretty fun stuff. Small window, but they look gorgeous. And as it turns out, five minutes is about how long I want an action movie to be (a mean a free action movie - might seem a little short for $10.) Not too much dialogue. Not too much character development. Just cut to the chase, as they say. And it's pretty much all chase. I thought the Ang Lee one was the best. Looking forward to more.
- jim 6-15-2001 3:44 pm [add a comment]

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