i feel like im on the back lot today as they shoot two scenes for now you see me outside my window. i very much appreciated the 15 minutes of unobstructed views the universe afforded me of a smiley isla fisher. now i can say i know how sasha baron cohen feels as he self satisfyingly stares down at his wife from the window in the second floor bathroom of their well appointed home as she sits by the pool amused by their guests, will ferrell and owen wilson.

not as revery inducing was the slightly obstructed view of woody harrelson's bald spot.

sounds like its a rap...
- dave 3-23-2012 6:30 pm

- dave 3-23-2012 9:09 pm [add a comment]

really getting the backlot feel. they were out around 6am (estimate) setting up shots and at the moment hearing the muffled barking of an omniscient authority.
- dave 3-24-2012 1:29 pm [add a comment]

still a beehive of activity down there. theyve been shooting some kind of police or fbi raid so its a lot of coordinated movements of trucks coming in and riot-geared officers and suits swarming. kind of weird moments later to have some skinny jeaned guy swoop in after the cut to brush off the uniform of a machine gun toting officer.

mark ruffalo is the alpha cop that hurries in at the end of the take. as a joke at the end of the last take, he kicked the door in brandishing his weapon toward whomever is standing in the entryway while having a good laugh. meanwhile, poor isla fisher has nothing to do but stand in the back round of the shot i assume to establish her presence. fortunately she is given a friend to chatter with for the duration.

after a couple of hours, theyve finally moved on to setting up another shot. other than myself, the only building dweller that is consistently bemused is a black and white cat on a sill across the way.
- dave 3-24-2012 4:13 pm [add a comment]

amazing how much time they are spending getting coverage of the raid. now they are shooting it from a reverse angle using a crane shot but the camera is at eye level. i guess they just want that sweeping feel as the camera rushes in behind the actors into the building.

i do appreciate that ive seen more of my neighbors than ever before as each takes turns peering out from what normally are blinded windows.
- dave 3-24-2012 5:41 pm [add a comment]

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