Despite the atrocious reviews we went to see To Rome With Love. Not as bad as the reviews indicated. This makes two WA movies in a row seen in a theater. It helps to have a local independent art house. They were bragging in a promo clip about purchasing digital projectors and their plans to move into the future. Not sure if that's good or not. Not thrilled seeing giant pixels on the big screen. I don't know If it makes a difference anyway since the first thing we discussed leaving the theater was how unviewable the big scenic pan shot was. I mean total visual chaos that seemed to go on forever. You had to shut your eyes. I liked the retro style of the film although the alitalia product placement would have been pan-am back in the heyday of jet set romantic comedies. In an interview with a main actor, (AB) addressed WA's hands-off directorial technique. Relaxing after a take ab asked the other actor in the scene, "do you think he liked it?" Other actor: shrug.

- bill 7-13-2012 1:49 pm

I'm very impressed with the new digital projectors and cameras. We timed the color for Buoy using da Vinci Resolve on screen with a digital projector and I couldn't be much happier with the color and texture - I have never had as much success with a lab. At times I was viewing the screen from a distance of about a foot, what I saw were some digital artifacts that looked to me like film grain, I liked it. Anyway, I don't think you'll be seeing giant pixels with the new projectors. Of course the color house has the ideal equipment and conditions, so I can't expect the movie to look as good on most systems. But that is usually the case with film too.
Pan judder has always been a problem. The speed of the pan can be more or less compatible with the frame rate of the camera, at worst it can be nauseating. Sounds like Darius and his operator got it wrong on that one.
- steve 7-13-2012 6:18 pm [add a comment]

- dave 7-13-2012 6:26 pm [add a comment]

yeah, that pan was atrocious. i cant believe they left that in.

the movie kind of sputtered out in the end except for the opera scene which was itself too long. maybe not so great overall but a few nice moments that hearken back to allens absurdist work.
- dave 12-21-2012 11:38 pm [add a comment]

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