Saw Django last night. I didn't have time for the appropriate mood alteration ahead of time, so I bought a half pint of Jameson's at the liquor store near the theater. My plan was to mix in the theater. I didn't quite expect to be packed in side-by-side with other patrons. I tried to be as subtle as I could pouring whiskey into a coke in a dark theater. Checking the bottle today, I was a generous barkeep.

The last part of the movie was Tarantino unchained, but the first couple of thirds were more nuanced story telling -- if a bloodfest can be called nuanced.

D has a niece who was a film major and who is working in some capacity in the industry. She posted a scathing review on facebook, which I withheld reading until after I watched the flick. She decried the racism of the movie, calling Tarantino a racist. I pulled out the comparison with the use of the n-word in Huck Finn. Do you want to whitewash the institution of slavery by making slave owners look nicer, or do you want to have a more realistic portrayal of a nasty institution?

I liked it -- wild ride -- big fuck you to the racists who still exist in the American South. Not for the squeamish.

- mark 12-29-2012 11:51 pm

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