Kit Carson Hopper doc

- bill 5-17-2013 2:26 pm

A little off subject but Kit Carson was an adviser at the Nantucket Screenwriters Colony when I was there in 2003. He was really good and responded directly to our material rather than telling us what the rules of a "good script" are. He also had great stories. He co-wrote Paris Texas, or more accurately, took it over once Sam Shepard bailed on the project in order to hang out with Jessica Lang. Much of the writing was done as they were filming, with Carson only a scene or couple of set-ups ahead of the production. The role of the little boy, Hunter, was played by Hunter Carson, the son of Kit and Karen Black, it was he who came up with the last line of the film "your hair, it's wet."

- steve 5-17-2013 3:50 pm [add a comment]

Lead actor in David holzmans diary. (NYC 1967) on Netflix. I really enjoyed it as a fauxk u mentary.
- bill 5-17-2013 4:23 pm [add a comment]

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