saw pacific rim earlier. not great by any stretch but the pyrotechnics were well done and it was self aware of the expectations of the genre. got some pretty decent reviews but whether it lacked star power or didnt have a comic book franchise attached to it, the box office has been flat. will probably make its money though on foreign box office which some suggest is who it was aimed at anyway. guillermo del toro directs.

- dave 7-22-2013 4:14 am

I enjoyed it ... as some candy. The dude from The Office was good.

It required some major suspension of disbelief (spoiler alert), to accept that the best way to deal with gigantic alien invaders passing through an interstellar worm hole is by building gigantic Rock'em Sock'em robots.
- mark 7-22-2013 5:17 am [add a comment]

agreed on the disbelief though i couldnt imagine what would have been a more efficient method. missile-based, laser, pathogen, nanotech? what crossed your mind?

and i think most people would say he is the dude from the wire. i forgot he was even on the office. he has a detective show, luther, in the uk that gets pretty high marks as well.

another funny thing from someone who rarely goes to the movies, people cheering and clapping when "the good guys" turn the tide and vanquish a foe. i guess you pay all that money for a show you are entitled to an instinctive emotional release but it struck me as juvenile. maybe it me.

- dave 7-22-2013 2:33 pm [add a comment]

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