With the release of “Nashville” and “Jaws,” the summer of ’75 delivered both the culmination — and the beginning of the end — of that period. “Nashville” seemed to incarnate a film buff’s hopes for American movies. Here was an artist putting the machinery of popular culture to work for the sake of art, yet entering into the spirit of popular culture and partaking of its energy too. That was the dream: the power of popular art combined with the complexity of fine art, high and low not at war, and not blurred indistinguishably into each other, but embracing.

- dave 1-21-2014 12:50 am

I thought Nashville was the greatest; saw it twice first run. Kills me that Altman isn't on TCM. In fact, I think TCM should be nationalized, it should be like the Hall of Fame; after twenty years movies should be voted on by a select panel of critics and artists, and the winners should be put in the TCM rotation (even if they're still making money in commercial circulation.)
- alex 1-21-2014 11:14 pm [add a comment]

LCN (The Library of Congress Network)
- bill 1-21-2014 11:17 pm [add a comment]

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