dont ask me why but i was just looking at the e.t. wikipedia page and i happen to notice a quote from a "perd hapley" among the critical response to the movie right after one from george will who panned it for "spreading subversive notions about childhood and science." guess the bowtie was wound a bit too tight that day.

anyway, what struck me about the name perd hapley was that it was the same as a fictional newscaster on parks and recreation, and with a few more taps of the keyboard it turns out that the quote was indeed a line of dialogue from the show and not as i momentarily considered that the character was named after a real person.

what was his insight into the movie, you ask?

"It's a heartwarming story, but it's just not believable."

he gave it 1 1/2 stars.

- dave 3-13-2014 4:26 am

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