see him in David Holzman's diary on Netflix.
- bill 10-30-2014 2:34 pm

RIP Kit Carson.
Kit was one of the advisers at the Nantucket Screenwriter's Colony the year I was there. We hit it off and partied for two days and his notes were great. So were his stories about writing and shooting Paris Texas - Sam Shepard bailed early on the project to go hang out with Jessica Lang. Carsons' son Hunter (who's mother is Karen Black) played the boy in that movie. Wim Wenders and Kit were lost for an idea for the last line of the film. They were shooting in a high-rise hotel in Dallas and Kit was in the next room trying to find an end to the dialogue when Wenders ran into the room saying they had wrapped, that Hunter came up with the line "your hair, it's wet."

- steve 10-31-2014 12:28 am [add a comment]

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