not surprisingly i am not a huge musical fan but i like to check in every now and then. did i watch any of the live peter pan broadcast on nbc last night? no. was i intrigued enough when i heard the tcm pre-movie chatter about good news (1947) to tune in for a few minutes? yes.

as with many mgm musicals, not a lot of there there but still bright and candy colored enough to keep me interested. and now i know who larry gelbarts wife was for the better part of a half century. and also that peter lawford was english. seems like something i must have known, right?

heres a stand-out number from early on despite its "modest" racial insensitivity. its made in 1947 though its set in 1927 although you wouldnt know it from looking at it. the song was nominated for a oscar and it seems notable that none of the stars are anywhere to be seen. also not in this scene but crooning elsewhere, a young mel torme.

definitely a palate cleanser as i had watched this earlier.


- dave 12-06-2014 2:47 am

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