Happy Equinox

- steve 9-23-2019 8:57 am

Well, it's the Vernal in the movie, but...

- alex 9-23-2019 9:29 am [add a comment]

Not much I really remember about that movie other than Ingrid Pitt's dance.
- steve 9-23-2019 11:31 pm [add a comment]

I had to look it up, and while there is a Mayday sequence, I guess the sacrifice is actually at the summer solstice (they sing Sumer Is Icumen In) to ensure a good harvest in the fall. Poor Edward Woodward, he fulfilled all the requirements to be sacrificed: he came of his own free will, with "the power of a king" (by representing the Law), is a virgin, and is a fool. And what a fool; if he'd slept with Britt Ekland when he had the chance, he'd have been safe.

Nice poster.


- alex 9-24-2019 7:08 am [add a comment]

Watch Wicker Man, that was good!!

- Skinny 1-31-2020 11:24 pm [add a comment]

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