RIP Lynn Shelton

- linda 5-16-2020 5:11 pm

think i only heard of her recently due to the fact that she was dating marc maron. assume they met when she was working on glow. i have laggies but ive never watched it. 

- dave 5-16-2020 5:46 pm [add a comment]

Her creative and romantic partner Marc Maron, who appeared in her most recent film “Sword of Trust,” confirmed her death in a statement, quoted in Indiewire: “I have some awful news. Lynn passed away last night. She collapsed yesterday morning after having been ill for a week.” He stated that her death was not COVID-19, but “a previously unknown, underlying condition . . . The doctors could not save her. They tried. Hard.”

“I loved her very much as I know many of you did as well. It’s devastating. I am leveled, heartbroken and in complete shock and don’t really know how to move forward in this moment. I needed you all to know. I don’t know some of you. Some I do. I’m just trying to let the people who were important to her know.
“She was a beautiful, kind, loving, charismatic artist. Her spirit was pure joy. She made me happy. I made her happy. We were happy. I made her laugh all the time. We laughed a lot. We were starting a life together. I really can’t believe what is happening,” he said. “This is a horrendous, sad loss.

- linda 5-16-2020 8:52 pm [add a comment]


- dave 5-18-2020 5:56 pm [add a comment]

monday podcast was rough He did good. I was worried he might not be ok.
- linda 5-19-2020 11:02 pm [add a comment]

  • i havent really listened to him in the past few years unless i happen to see a guest i might want to hear. they had a nice rapport in the interview. it was sweet to hear. heart goes out to the guy. his continued trials have a biblical quality. not sure how ok he is. imagine he is still numb but he is probably better able to cope with it than he might have been in the past.

    - dave 5-19-2020 11:34 pm [add a comment]

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