who is this?

- dave 7-07-2021 9:52 am


- alex 7-07-2021 11:07 am [add a comment]

yup. wasnt sure if i posted something like this earlier. she seems to have popped up back on the radar despite not really wanting to?

- dave 7-07-2021 11:14 am [add a comment]

The shining. And wasn’t she Popeye’s girlfriend, Olive Oil? The interview from a year/few years ago made me sad.

- b. 7-11-2021 11:15 pm [add a comment]

bill and mike and rachel ray were incensed you misspelled olive oyl. was a good article though. like to imagine nicholson has way too much money to know what to do with it and could toss her a few bucks. but then he has probably worked with a lot of people that could use a few bucks.

factoid: the same woman voiced olive oyl and betty boop.

- dave 7-12-2021 12:36 am [add a comment]

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