just watched The Long Goodbye on Criterion. Recommend 

- bill 9-21-2021 8:31 pm

havent seen it in a while. interesting that it was a box office failure despite praise from a number of prominent reviewers including pauline kael.

Studio executives analyzed the reviews for months, concluding that the reason for the film's failure was the misleading advertising campaign in which it had been promoted as a "detective story". They spent $40,000 on a new release campaign, which included a poster by Mad magazine artist Jack Davis.

- dave 9-22-2021 10:43 am [add a comment]

I know who jack davis is. He lived not home town and provided hand made banners for the HS football team. He also contributed to playboys little Annie Fanny.
- bill 9-23-2021 6:16 am [add a comment]

Started Panic in needle park last night. A Dunn Gidion project.
- bill 9-23-2021 6:21 am [add a comment]

Another 70's bright sun LA noir with a protagonist that mutters to himself in a way that should embarrass any self-respecting viewer is Save The Tiger starring Jack Lemmon. Not the critical darling that TLG is but it was Lemmon's personal favorite. With Jack Gilford

- steve 9-23-2021 10:24 pm [add a comment]

  • any self respecting viewer or reviewer?


    just reading the comments below the long goodbye trailer i came upon this gem. 


    Great movie. I was going to buy it on bluray this past weekend but Robot Jox was ten bucks cheaper.


    - dave 9-23-2021 11:35 pm [add a comment]

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