- bill 1-06-2022 6:14 pm

I threw up in Paris Texas  in like 1963-64. We were there with my dad who had setup a table at a trade show in a gym to promote European air travel. After too much free dr. Pepper the heat got to me and I got car sick. So Paris, Tx. and we always called it Paris-Texas will always be a special place for me. 

- bill 1-06-2022 6:24 pm [add a comment]

what does he have to do with paris, texas?

- dave 1-06-2022 6:42 pm [add a comment]

Whoops Last picture show was nearby.

- bill 1-06-2022 7:00 pm [add a comment]

Archer City has the same landscape and bleak nature. My mistake. 

- bill 1-06-2022 7:03 pm [add a comment]

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