First Monday of every month.
Backroom! Film night at The Parkside Lounge (Houston St near Ridge) hosted by Larry 7 and Bill Bronson.
Monday, July 2
Steve Doughton
On Air Library
Oren Ambarchi
Jasmine and Darjeeling
Sparks-78 RPM D.J.
FREE! Things should get going by around 10:pm
I went once, it was pretty fun, a somewhat chaotic mix of musicians and filmmakers-film collectors. Many projectors on one screen and spilling onto the celing and walls.
We'll see what happens. I seem to prefer seeing my stuff in such a context.
Hey Bill, what about films on the 4th?
- steve 7-01-2001 6:53 pm

bring em if you got em ! - I have my dads Bell and Howell autoload and it runs great !

- bill 7-02-2001 12:36 am [add a comment]

  • well, I thought I'd heard something about films being in the that correct?
    - steve 7-02-2001 8:57 am [add a comment]

    • yes sir - I'll pull out some stuff and I'll see what mark and laurie have on hand - any one else ?
      - bill 7-02-2001 6:06 pm [add a comment]

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