The surfing documentary films of Bruce Brown are the stuff of legend. I only have to say "Endless Summer" and my point is made. He started in 1957 with 8mm. Soon he would find funding and would move up to 16mm. His film "Slippery When Wet" features "Freddy Pfhaler", Kembra's dad. (Her parents were known at the time by their surf names : Phird the Third and Rude Judy). Now all Brown's early films are available on video. Rent them soon.

- bill 7-27-2001 7:30 pm

From Musto, at the Voice, re: K. Phaler.

"Speaking of frightful looks, the National Enquirer had inquiring egg on its face last week when it ran a picture of Kembra Phaler, the dementedly masked and made-up star of the band the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black-she could easily wrestle-with a caption saying she's Karen Black, the actress. I love them both, but Karen Black, the actress, hasn't looked like that since Trilogy of Terror. . . ."

- alex 7-27-2001 10:15 pm [add a comment]


- bill 12-11-2017 1:48 pm [add a comment]

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