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The Favourite

great acting, great frames, hip dialogue. I enjoyed it. Link has spoilers.

- steve 1-12-2024 9:56 pm [link] [2 comments]

saw some tweet about a 51 yo french actress wondering aloud if maybe the relationship she had as a 15 yo with a 36 yo director maybe wasnt the best, and, of course, the headline ask if france is having a belated metoo moment considering their alleged less prudish relationship with sex. all that to say i looked at her imdb page to see if he directed her around that time and didnt see it but didnt bother to read the article either but what i did find is that she starred in a movie called the 15 year old girl in which her boyfriends father falls in love with her. cant get too much more on the nose than that. will keep you posted on the developments as i dont follow along closely to this personal and societal awakening. 

not having read the piece i dont know how this relates to the firing and retirings of prominent nfl and ncaa football coaches in the last two days but i have no doubt bill bellichick will weigh in eventually on how this affects his future employment and his unstated goal to become the winningest coach in nfl history.

- dave 1-11-2024 9:45 am [link] [add a comment]

watching napoleon. what a complete bore. its like a postcard version of his life. 

- dave 1-09-2024 4:00 pm [link] [1 ref] [add a comment]

new month. new movies on criterion. this was in the handmade films lot which was george harrisons production company and to drive that home it opens and closes on a beatles tune. a lot of talent wasted in this one. also they kept using the exterior for the horseshoe bar near tompkins but it was set in 1964 in the bronx. i wonder if any of it was actually shot there. the movie is five corners.

- dave 1-01-2024 11:25 pm [link] [16 comments]

I am lost with movies today....

New Julia Roberts movie......yuck

New Nicolas Cage movie......yuck

Hope The Boy & Heron delivers!!

- Skinny 12-31-2023 12:22 am [link] [1 ref] [add a comment]