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Monday, Feb 25, 2002

hmm...you think?

"Is Disinformation Office Really Closing?

Remember the Pentagon's new we-can-hoodwink-the-world propaganda office? It seems to be toast:

"The Pentagon may eliminate a new office intended to influence public opinion and policy makers overseas, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said today," the New York Times reports. "Proposals from the new agency, the Office of Strategic Influence, have caused an uproar in Congress and elsewhere in the government.

"Its director, Brig. Gen. Simon P. Worden of the Air Force, has proposed that the office coordinate activities ranging from public press releases to secret 'information warfare' in friendly as well as unfriendly countries, military officials said. In the past, such secret operations included the spreading of inaccurate or misleading information.

"Mr. Rumsfeld . . . said today that the disclosures about the office's potential activities may have doomed its credibility."

Maybe this is the ultimate disinformation plot to say you're closing the office and then secretly keep it open?"
via media notes