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Friday, Jun 21, 2002

olive drab

sorry for the histronic
hysterical phonics

its a simplistic heuristic
without a splash of tonic

and contrition towards inhibition
is nothing short of chronic

as the target slips within range
the sensory blips become demonic

while the radar waves are spinning
the bombadier on his plans he just sits

in the hangar in the cockpit
he measures out his splits

but the colonels and the generals
are giving each other fits

cant decide if its time for world war 3
or a case of mixolplix

dont you flyboy
way up high
in your shiny new machine

whats the use
of all that training
waiting for lights to turn from red to green

then the call came
but you complain
that you havent got the nerve

pull the choke chain
throttle back
instead of liftoff
shake and swerve

down the runway
constructing models
that have never been and never will be built

aborted mission
no transmission
you cant whirl
if you wont even tilt