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Sunday, Sep 01, 2002

show ups

upcoming show of (some) interest:

"kimya dawson (from The Moldy Peaches) (mercury lounge sept 17)"

of montreal (knitting factory sept 19)

wfmu benefit w/esg (southpaw sept 21)

cub country/ Anders Parker (of Varnaline) (mercury lounge sept 27)

neko case (bowery ballroom sept 29)

catpower (knitting factory oct 3)

the glands/the sunshine fix (mercury lounge oct 10)

doug martsch (bowery ballroom oct 13-15)

songs:ohia (knitting factory oct 23)

as long as im dreaming i might as well throw in:

thrill jockey 10th anniversary show w/sea and the cake and freakwater (bowery ballroom sept 7)

peaches/chick on speed (warsaw oct 11)

acid mothers temple (knitting factory oct 17)

sleater-kinney (irving plaza oct 15-16)

clinic/apples in stereo (irving plaza oct 19)

and im sure there are more like pan american, le tigre, bright eyes or bratmobile but then, who am i kidding?