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Thursday, Nov 28, 2002


every few years i latch on to some interactive online game. for the last couple of days ive been playing hearts against other people at yahoo. im astounded at the how abusive and puerile some people can be. in the last game i played i was repeatedly cursed at and called a "stupid bitch" and "a fuck" by one person for a calculated risk i took in the first hand which backfired. that one move was enough to set someone off on a gamelong tirade. ill be the first to admit im capable of errors and that others have played 100s more games which might have sharpened their skills but these people are out of their heads. and its not that i cant get annoyed with sloppy play but the degree of vituperativeness others display is perverse, practically psychotic. now i remember why i usually stop playing online. these type of people ruin the fun. and dont even get me started on people who quit when theyre losing.