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Wednesday, Jan 15, 2003

caught in the web

i had a dream about weblogging last night. wonder if my brain needs a few fresh inputs. went outside to put a pressed shirt in my van for some function i was to attend the next day and someone was shooting a movie on the street. thought it was low budget kidstuff but then i recognized a voice in the dark. the lighting was insufficient. they were literally shooting in the dark. my front door creaked open as i went to go inside and the guy behind the camera swung around to see where the noise was coming from. turns out it was kevin smith. he kind of glared at me for a moment and then turned back to what he was doing. and as i was going upstairs i thought about posting the encounter on my weblog. then i walked up one too many flights, and after retreating the key to my door didnt work. and while i was trying a bunch of different keys, my friend al who i havent seen in ten years shows up, smiley as usual. i was glad to see him but instead of embracing i hand him some boxes im holding and go back to work on the lock. i never do get in before waking up.