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Saturday, Mar 01, 2003

mama africa

"Naturally, everybody is trying to figure out which way the swing countries will come down. And naturally, the Bushies are using leaks and spin to try to convince the press they ultimately will land on the winning side – of the war, if not the UN vote.

For various reasons -- which may or may not involve large wire transfers to numbered Swiss bank accounts -- I think Mexico, Chile and Angola probably will vote for the resolution. Let’s just say each country has compelling motives to want to stay on Don Bush’s good side.

That leaves Cameroon and Guinea. (I can hear Shrub now: “Guinea? What the hell do the Italians have to do with this?)

This is ironic. Very ironic. Beyond ironic. Because in any coalition for democracy, these two are really awkward fits. They’re both stereotypical African "big man" dictatorships, ruled by leaders with, um, extensive human rights records. Not to mention criminal records."