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Thursday, Mar 27, 2003

looks like gibsons been mucking around the blogs (and his referrer log) lately. yesterday he gave shoutouts to agonist and salam pax, and im guessing today he is stealing links from hesiod, unless hes a drudger outright. in other news, this is funny.

"Umm Qasr is a town similar to Southampton", UK Defence Minister Geoff Hoon told the House of Commons yesterday. "He's either never been to Southampton, or he's never been to Umm Qasr", said one British soldier, informed of this while on patrol in Umm Qasr. Another added: "There's no beer, no prostitutes, and people are shooting at us. It's more like Portsmouth."

i thought i was going to be clever and say he had a case of Blogorrhea but apparently thats been appropriated for other maladies.