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Wednesday, Jun 18, 2003

move it

"Which brings me to the MoveOn primary. MoveOn is the most powerful and effective part of the progressive internet movement, with over 1.5 million active members (both in a grassroots and monetary sense), they are our flagship organization, so to speak. Now they're deciding which candidate to endorse and throw their very substantial money and numbers behind. This endorsement will likely make the difference for whomever it goes to, immediately catapulting whoever gets it up a tier and ahead of their opponents. The effects of that endorsement, the push it will give its recipient, has the potential to instantaneously make this internet group, and by association the online progressive movement, a powerful, make or break constituency. In effect, gaining MoveOn will give one candidate access to the heart and soul of the progressive movement - and from that point on, our work for that person will give us unheard of power to shape the future of the Democratic Party.

This is our moment, I cannot emphasize this enough. You must go register with MoveOn and make your voice heard. I don't care who you vote for, this is not a partisan thing - I just care that you vote and make our rhetoric and fervor a real, tangible, shining prize that will have to be won in ever coming election. Make a choice and give us a candidate we can support, that we can carry to victory. Make grassroots support important again, take back this democracy from the top down media manipulation we are all subjected to and frustrated by. Give us the power again."