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Friday, Jan 02, 2004


"I actually think it's likely that the original source didn't know that Plame was a "NOC," because I actually don't believe that the people around Bush would have been sufficiently unpatriotic to burn a NOC, and all of her assets, in such a petty act of revenge and damage control. That was my first take on this story, and I haven't yet seen adequate reason to change it. I think that some of my Democratic friends are so taken with the general horribleness of the Bush Administration as to have lost sight of that fact that these people aren't Snidely Whipsnade melodrama villains, self-consciously revelling in the evil they do. In their own minds, they're good people, and above all, patriots. So it's much more likely that whoever called Novak would have had only a hazy impression of Plame's actual status than that he would have been deliberately revealing a still highly secret identity."