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Monday, Aug 23, 2004

so much not to like

its so painfully boring to point this shit out but heres another misleading ny times headline.

"Bush Denounces Outside Groups' Influence on Campaign"

of course the key to that headline is the placement of the apostrophe. someone who is closely monitoring will immediately understand that nothing new will follow as bush will have intoned the talking points repeated ad naseum yesterday on the chat fests. when asked to condemn the ad any apparachnik will quickly move the goalposts to condemn all 527s and call for their rapid termination, but never will they denounce the swiftboat lies and fabrications. and then for good measure to put the dems on the defensive, they will call them out to condemn the nasty 527s. if you can include a dark allusion to moveon.org and george soros than you receive bonus points toward your quest for entre into republican valhalla.


i cant get one bit of spittle out before they go and change the headline. it now reads

"Bush Urges End to Attack Ads by Outside Groups on All Sides.'

id still like to see

"Bush Wont Denounce Dubious Swiftboat Claims"

but thats just me.