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Monday, Aug 23, 2004

sad alight

"That we are still fighting about the Vietnam War is sad. Watching an old political fight (among veterans, but involving the nation) try to finish itself thirty years later in either the wreckage of the Kerry campaign or its triumph over the attempt to wreck-- that's sad. I'm with Meep , a voice at Jarvis's weblog, Buzzmachine: "Are boomers going to be eating their livers in retirement because of Vietnam? Sounds like it to me." That's a sad thing to say about boomers, and I was born near the crest of that boom.

Now if you like sad as the best mood for consuming Swift Boat stories, if you think it fitting, then pay especially close attention to what the Chicago Tribune published over the weekend: This is what I saw that day by William B. Rood, a brilliantly disciplined and moving work of first-person journalism, which is also a moral statement, for while it defends John Kerry and his military record--and thus makes news--that is not the heart of what Rood meant to say."